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This machine will not communicate, these thoughts and the strain I am under

9 September 1983
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i've walked the line
my dear johnny cash,
but i still can't find the way

accents, acting, art, austin texas, baristas, baz lurhman, bears, beethoven, being there for people, books, braveheart, breakfast tacos, breasts, c.s lewis, cds, christina ricci, chuck palahniuk, cloud, coffee, concerts, cookie dough, cuddling, david bazan, death cab for cutie, donnie darko, driving at night, edgar allen poe, eisley, electric guitar, ender's game, final fantasy, firefly, franz ferdinand, friends, friends (the television show), futurama, gilmore girls, harry potter, hemingway, henrik ibsen, heroes, high fidelity, horror movies, invader zim, ipod, ipod shuffle, jk rowling, johnny cash, johnny depp, late night conversations, link, lord of the rings, love songs, luna lovegood, m night shyamalan, making out, messenger bags, messy hair, midlake, mix cds, mix tapes, moon, moonlight sonata, moss eisley, moulin rouge, neutral milk hotel, nirvana, noah, ocean, pedro the lion, photography, piano, pirates, playing piano, playing with my son, polaroids, polyphonic spree, postal service, pot, psychology, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, records, red hair, red headed girls, road trips, robert rodriguez, sad songs, scarlett johansson, serenity, series of unfortunate events, sex, sigur ros, sleep, snuggles, starbucks, starlight mints, starry nights, stretched ears, sufjan stevens, tattoos, the beatles, the pixies, the princess bride, the shins, the simpsons, the white stripes, the x-files, theatre, thunder storms, tim burton, tim smith, traveling, used books, vw, weezer, wilco, wine, writing, writing music, yeah yeah yeahs, yoga, zach braff, zippos, zombies,


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